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Murrio D. Ducille, KC
LL.B (hons), LEC, Notary Public


A few notable cases

  • Lead Prosecutor – successfully prosecuted R v NORWOOD & JUDY BENEBY [1984] the complainants being the Royal Bank of Canada.  After successful prosecution in the Supreme Court the Attorney General’s Office lodged an appeal which was dismissed by the Honorable Court of Appeal.

  • Lead Defense Counsel – R V  BRIDGEWATER [2009].  Probably the most highly publicized Supreme Court trial in the Bahamas as the Prosecution’s main witness was the famous Hollywood Star John Travolta.  Media coverage extended internationally.  Freeport based Attorney and former Member of Parliament was accused of the bribery and extortion of Travolta.  During the first trial it was pronounced on live television at a political rally that Bridgewater was acquitted however the Court had not yet finished delivering the jury’s verdict.  As a result a mistrial was ordered inasmuch as the verdict to be pronounced was favorable to Bridgewater.   Another trial date was set however the Crown thought best to dismiss the charges against Bridgewater closer to trial time.


  • Lead Defense Counsel – R V MCNEIL [2010].  Another highly reported Supreme Court trial as it involved the Murder of Harl Taylor, local but internationally renowned businessman and fashion designer known for his high end straw work and handbag designs.  After undergoing two (2) trials, the first ending in a hung jury, MCNEIL was acquitted.  The trial was presided over by the Honorable Senior Justice Anita Allen, as she then was and is said to have turned on the correct interpretation of the DNA evidence relied on by the Crown during the trial.

  • Lead Defense Counsel – BARRINGTON ROBINSON [2014] which argued the Constitutionality of a recent regime of imposing a mandatory minimum sentence starting point of four (4) years for Dangerous Drug and Firearm Possession cases.  The Honorable Senior Justice Jon Isaacs, as he then was, originally in a Constitutional Application did not consider the constitutionality arguments thereby dismissed the motion.  However, on appeal to the Honorable Court of Appeal their Lordships found it necessary to allow Robinson’s appeal and remit the matter to the Supreme Court for His Lordship to consider the Constitutional arguments.  During the second hearing before His Lordship Isaacs and upon consideration of the constitutional arguments, he declared that the imposition of mandatory minimum sentences were unconstitutional.  Shortly thereafter Parliament moved and abolished the imposition of mandatory minimum sentences altogether.


  • Lead Defense Counsel – successful overturn of convictions in the case of THE ATTORNEY GENERAL (APPELLANT) v CHEVANESE HALL (RESPONDENT) [2016] UKPC 28.  Mr. Ducille argued the appeal against conviction in the Honorable Court of Appeal where the appeal was allowed.  The Attorney General’s Office appealed to the Privy Council and their appeal was dismissed.  This case has shaped the categorization of criminal cases in the Bahamas and has resulted in the proper placement of matters before the Bahamian courts.  This decision has also guided Prosecutors in the correct framing and drafting of their particulars.


  • Second Judicial Reform Round Table Conference sponsored by US/AID and Inter American Development Bank held in Williamsburg, Virginia in May, 1996.


  • Main Facilitator at the Workshop sponsored by UWI/UNDCP for Police and Lay Prosecutors held in Nassau, Bahamas in December, 1995.


  • Main Facilitator at the Workshop sponsored by UWI/UNDCP for Police and Lay Prosecutors held in Castries, St. Lucia in October, 1995.


  • Main Facilitator at the Workshop sponsored by UWI/UNDCP for Police and Lay Prosecutors held in Belize City, Belize in July, 1995.


  • Main Facilitator at the Workshop sponsored by UWI/UNDCP for Police and Lay Prosecutors held at the Hugh Wooding Law School, Trinidad, in May, 1995.


  • Drug Offences Conference for Regional Magistrate’s in March, 1995 at Fort-De France, Martinique.


  • Commonwealth Secretariat Money Laundering Workshop in May, 1994 at Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.


  • Participation as a Resource Person in the Workshop for Police Prosecutors held in St. Peter, Barbados, March, 1994.  Presentation of Lecture on the Prosecution of Drug Offences.


  • Participant in the Seminar on the adoption and implementation of the Model Regulations concerning Laundering offences connected to Illicit Drug Trafficking and related offences held in January, 1994, in Martinique, French West Indies.


  • Represented the University of the West Indies in Track & Field Athletics, Table Tennis and Captained the Senior Cup Cricket Team.



  • Former Secretary/Treasurer of the University of the West Indies Law Society.


  • Member of Track & Field Athletic Team to National Boy’s Championship Games.


  • Represented and Captained St. Jago High School in Cricket and Table Tennis.


  • Former Sgt. Major of the School’s Army & Air Cadet Force.


  • In 1967 represented Jamaica in the Annual Army & Air Cadet Exchange to Canada and in 1968 to Grenada.



“He is a humble and deserving individual, who has proven his worth in his practice both locally and internationally.  A good person, a good man…” – Harry Bunch


“True defender of all” – Michelle Campbell


“Mr. Ducille is a prominent attorney who has argued and won a large number of prominent landmark cases in the Bahamas.  He has a wealth of knowledge having practiced in several jurisdictions.  He is greatly revered by his colleagues and held in such high regard that he currently sits as a Judge of the Court of Appeal of Belize.” – Attorney Terrell Butler, Bahamas


“He is a noted Attorney who has fought for many years and has served this Country for 30+ years.” – Kimberley Adderley, Bahamas


“He has the knowledge of the law and the experience.” – Adlith Small


“Ducille is an honorable man and is deserving…” – Wesley Bryan


“…[has] always displayed a high level of integrity and willing to help others.” – Delroy Thompson


“His impressive resume is a testimony to the consistency in his character.” – Julia Bridgewater


“Attorney Ducille is one to be remembered having spent so many years serving in the Bahamas.  A man of great structure…” – Lana Sawyer


“He is a dedicated Attorney that contributed so much in the Bahamas -  one of the best Attorneys ever to mankind…Many many years of service an outstanding Attorney that won numerous cases in the Bahamas -  he has knowledge without ending.  He is a scholar, a mentor, one of the best Attorneys you can ever find in history.” – Marcie Camp


“Murrio Ducille has demonstrated over an extended period of time in the Bahamas his skill as a Lawyer, his knowledge of the law, and his gift of reasoning.” – Ivan Armstrong


“Although I do not know nor never met the gentleman, I have read, listened to many of his work before the courts and he has proven to know the law and have a great appreciation of the Bahamian Justice System over the many years.” – Shan Higgs


“Mr. Ducille is a lawyer extraordinaire.” – Gwendolyn Taylor


“He has made outstanding contributions to our system of justice beyond measure in the Bahamas.  He has my stamp of approval.” – T. Ricardo Albury-Whylly


“Yes Ducille is a most excellent lawyer and human being ---yes-yes-yes!!!” – Felix Bethel, Bahamas


“A lawyer’s lawyer.  Always willing and ready to help.  A wealth of knowledge.  Loves this profession and it shows.” – Attorney Roberto Reckley, Bahamas


“I fully support – He is truly an honorable Barrister and very deserving…Go get umm!” Senator Jobeth Coleby-Davis, Bahamas


“The essence of a barrister, second to none.” – Donovan Davis Jr., Bahamas


“The most aggressive Attorney right now, who has the best interest of his clients at heart.” Sheldon Moore, Bahamas


“He is one of the finest legal minds in the region.” –Patricia Montague-Collie


“He has a heart for seeing Justice done.  He is selfless and giving of himself no matter what your status in society is.  He is not intimidated by anyone and he cannot be bought.  He is about empowering individuals.  His record speaks for him.” – Lisa Scott


“He has served honorably and is a first class jurist.” – Janice Hardy


“Ethical and qualified.” – Osmond Hamilton


“Qualified and deserving…” – Kelisha Cartwright


“He is one of the most prominent and lead criminal law advocates in The Bahamas at the Private Bar and no doubt has brought tremendous skill to the profession and the representation of his clients…” – Jacqueline Forbes


“,,,a fierce and competent advocate for his clients.” – Jerome Fitzgerald, Former Member of Parliament, Bahamas


“Mr. Murrio Ducille’s historical track record and measurable outcomes has proven that he has one of the best legal minds in the criminal justice profession.  Mr. Ducille is a brilliant Attorney with decades of experience.  He provides assertive representation with favorable outcomes based on his knowledge of the criminal justice system.  I am confident that Mr. Ducille is indeed deserving and qualified for this appointment and will exceed all expectations.” – Ericka Wood


“Ducille is a giant in the court room and has mentored other young lawyers to be the same.” – Paul Bevans


“A man who understands the rule of law and applies the law to the facts in the most efficient and proficient manner.  He’s well rounded having spent some time in the Attorney General’s Office as a Prosecutor and an excellent trial attorney makes him a good choice.  I support him 100%” – Garland Miller


“He has demonstrated an excellent understanding of the law and it’s applications.  His integrity and adherence to legal ethics is unparalleled.  He is a creature of the law and has fantastic interpretive skills of the legal framework and that of case law.” – Dr. Lynwood Brown, Bahamas

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